March 29

What Are Toilets Made Of?

ou can’t go a day without using your toilet. But have you ever wondered what your toilet is made of? Most people know the type of material that is used to make toilets. Still, we will look deeply into what materials toilets are made of and why such materials are used. 

So what are toilets made of? Well, the most common type of material used in making toilets is porcelain. It is a special type of clay that is mainly found in China. There are also some types of toilets that are made of steel, especially those found in prisons.

Why are toilets made of porcelain?

What materials are toilets made of? Well, since toilets were first built, porcelain has always been the material of choice. There are so many reasons why porcelain has always been preferred over other type of materials. The main reason for choosing porcelain is because it can be easily molded into shape. Porcelain is also easy to clean and is waterproof. 

Porcelain toilets are also more appealing to the eye as compared to toilets made of other materials. It’s also insensitive to temperature changes and is also sturdy. The process of manufacturing porcelain toilets is also simple. 

Color Variety

From a decorative point of view. It makes sense why porcelain will still be the number one type of material used to make toilets. Porcelain toilets are available in a wide variety of colors. As a result, you can choose what toilet color will match with your bathroom. Steel on the other hand has to be painted, and even so, the paint will peel off after some time.

Corrosion Resistant

Unlike steel, porcelain is resistant to corrosion. This means that porcelain toilet will last longer than steel toilets. You won’t have to deal with annoying rusts that are associated with steel toilets. 


Porcelain is not susceptible to bacterial build up due to its nonporous nature. This non-porous nature of porcelain is what makes it ideal for use in environments like bathrooms where germs can easily build up. 

What About Steel or Plastic Toilets?

One might ask why don’t we just have toilets made of plastic or steel instead. After all, plastic is cheaper than porcelain. When it comes to making toilets, using plastic instead of porcelain is prohibitively expensive. 

The process of making plastic products involves injection molding or extrusion. It’s therefore difficult to make a whole toilet structure using plastic. Besides that, most users will not trust plastic toilets. They may feel that it may buckle under their weight. 

When it comes to steel, it’s very rigid, durable and strong. So why can’t we just make toilets that will last a lifetime using steel? Well, the main reason why steel toilets are not popular is because of users’ perception. User experience is also another reason. Since steel is sensitive to the changes in temperatures, your ass will freeze when it’s cold. 

That’s not all, steel toilets does not also look right with most people. You can’t trade the rich look that your porcelain toilet gives your bathroom to steel. 


A good toilet needs to be clean, sanitary, rigid and waterproof. Although several materials can be used to make toilets, porcelain is the most preferred material. This is because porcelain meets all the requirements of a good toilet material. 

The manufacturing process of porcelain toilets is pretty straightforward. It involves the vitreous china clay being poured into a mold, finished and then glazed. It is then passed through a kiln where it is glazed. This process is also cheap as compared to the process of using steel to make toilets. 

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