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Aquasource Toilet Review

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AquaSource Henshaw is a company that provides quality toilets that gives your bathroom a unique look. This article looks at the AquaSource Henshaw White model that comes with an elongated chair height and helps to save water. AquaSource Henshaw White Toilet Technical Specifications  Toilet types: 2-piece toilet  Brand name: Henshaw  Warranty: 5-year  Rough-in: 12 inches   ….  Read More

How You Can Remove Towel Bar with no Screws

How You Can Remove Towel Bar With No Screws

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You are upgrading your bathroom to give it a new look and you are wondering how you are going to remove your old towel bar. Well, the good thing is that you can do it yourself. What if your bathroom towel bar has no screws? How are you going to remove it? There are a couple of ways on how to remove a towel bar with no screws.

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Before you set out to remove your towel bar, first make sure that you know how it has been mounted so that you don’t end up damaging your bathroom walls. Here is how you can go about it.