June 14

Electric Mayhem Tour Shirt

Electric Mayhem Tour Shirt

The Electric Mayhem tour is an unofficial Muppet-themed musical tribute band that brings the world of Jim Henson’s The Muppets to life. The band is dedicated to recreating the eclectic sound and captivating humor of the original group, most famously seen in The Muppet Show. With a rotating line-up of band members, the group performs over 40 songs from their library of original music, including “The Ballad of Bodacious,” “Months & Months,” and “Livin’ La Vida Don’t.”

The Electric Mayhem Tour t-shirt is available for purchase from the Muppet Store. On the front, it features six of the wildest rockstars ever to take the stage at The Roxy. When you turn it over, you’ll see that they were all once roadies for Jim Henson’s Muppets.

The Muppets Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem World Tour Youth Boys T-shirt

Are you ready to rock out with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem? This Muppets t-shirt is perfect for fans of the longtime rock band.

Muppets Animal Electric Mayhem T-Shirt

Party with the Muppets House Band, Electric Mayhem.

The Muppets Dr. Teeth Band Fitted Jersey tee

It looks stylish on both men and women so it’s great for easy, everyday wear.

Electric Mayhem Lovers Vintage T Shirt

Great gift idea for dad, mom, and your friends on Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, Mothers Day, Fathers Day.

Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Big and Tall Short-Sleeve T-Shirt for Men Plus Size Tshirts Black

This Fashion T-Shirt Can Be Worn Alone In The Summer, Or It Can Be Worn In Spring, Autumn And Winter With Your Favorite Jacket To Keep Warm.

The Muppets Animal Drumming Red Heather Graphic Adult T-Shirt

Stylish Short-Sleeved T-Shirt With Brightly Patterned Shirts, Stylish And Popular.

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March 29

How You Can Remove Towel Bar with no Screws

You are upgrading your bathroom to give it a new look and you are wondering how you are going to remove your old towel bar. Well, the good thing is that you can do it yourself. What if your bathroom towel bar has no screws? How are you going to remove it? There are a couple of ways on how to remove a towel bar with no screws.

Before you set out to remove your towel bar, first make sure that you know how it has been mounted so that you don’t end up damaging your bathroom walls. Here is how you can go about it.

Make Sure There Are no Hidden Compartments

When trying to remove your towel bar, the first thing to do is to check it thoroughly to ensure that it has no hidden compartments. Sometimes you might not see any screws because they are hidden. If you forcefully try to detach the towel bar from your wall without checking for any screws, you might cause damage to the walls. 

Find Out How it’s Attached

Finding the way your bar is attached to the wall will make it easy for you to remove it. If it’s not mounted using screws, then it means that something else has been used to mount it. This is what you need to find out. In cases where towel bars are not mounted using screws, two-way tapes or glue is usually used. 

Two Way Tape Removal

Towel bars that are attached using two-way tapes are easier to remove as compared to those that are attached using glue. It’s even easier when the bar is attached on tiles. However, you must be careful in case your bathroom wall is not tiled and is painted. If you don’t remove the towel rack with a lot of care, then you will damage the paint on your bathroom wall. If your bathroom wall is tiled, just pull off the tape that has been used to attach the bar.

Towel Bars Attached with Glue

If your towel bar was attached to your wall using glue, then you will have a hard time trying to remove it. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t go ahead to remove it. All you have to do is to be careful so that you don’t break the bar while you are pulling it off. Here is how you can go about it.

  • Pull off the bar from its end.
  • You can insert a flat tool between the wall and the bar ends. The bar will come of the walls easily.
  • After the bar has come off the wall completely, you can then remove the rest of the gue from your wall. 

What to do after the Towel Bar is off

It’s obvious that the wall area underneath your bar will not be as smooth as the rest of the wall. To make it smooth, you will have to sand it. You will then need to patch your wall to seal any whole that might have been left on your wall. You can buy peel-and-paste mesh from a hardware store near you. 


What If Your Wall has a Texture?

Sometimes the whole process of removing your towel bar from your bathroom wall may leave your wall with a different texture. Maybe the color of the wall area underneath your towel bar might have changed and is now different from the rest of your bathroom. In this case, you will need to repaint that area so that it can match with the rest of your bathroom.


Now you have seen how to remove towel rack from wall without any difficulty. You can then go ahead and install that new towel bar that has caught your eye. You can choose to install the new towel rack in the same place as the one you have just removed. If you like, you can also attach it on a different spot on your bathroom. 

You have seen how easy it is to remove a bathroom towel bar with no screws as compared to those with screws. Towel racks that are attached with screws will need you to have tools like screw drivers and even a hammer. As a result, when installing your new bathroom towel bar, go for one with no screws so that you can have an easy time removing it in the future. 

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March 29

What Are Toilets Made Of?

ou can’t go a day without using your toilet. But have you ever wondered what your toilet is made of? Most people know the type of material that is used to make toilets. Still, we will look deeply into what materials toilets are made of and why such materials are used. 

So what are toilets made of? Well, the most common type of material used in making toilets is porcelain. It is a special type of clay that is mainly found in China. There are also some types of toilets that are made of steel, especially those found in prisons.

Why are toilets made of porcelain?

What materials are toilets made of? Well, since toilets were first built, porcelain has always been the material of choice. There are so many reasons why porcelain has always been preferred over other type of materials. The main reason for choosing porcelain is because it can be easily molded into shape. Porcelain is also easy to clean and is waterproof. 

Porcelain toilets are also more appealing to the eye as compared to toilets made of other materials. It’s also insensitive to temperature changes and is also sturdy. The process of manufacturing porcelain toilets is also simple. 

Color Variety

From a decorative point of view. It makes sense why porcelain will still be the number one type of material used to make toilets. Porcelain toilets are available in a wide variety of colors. As a result, you can choose what toilet color will match with your bathroom. Steel on the other hand has to be painted, and even so, the paint will peel off after some time.

Corrosion Resistant

Unlike steel, porcelain is resistant to corrosion. This means that porcelain toilet will last longer than steel toilets. You won’t have to deal with annoying rusts that are associated with steel toilets. 


Porcelain is not susceptible to bacterial build up due to its nonporous nature. This non-porous nature of porcelain is what makes it ideal for use in environments like bathrooms where germs can easily build up. 

What About Steel or Plastic Toilets?

One might ask why don’t we just have toilets made of plastic or steel instead. After all, plastic is cheaper than porcelain. When it comes to making toilets, using plastic instead of porcelain is prohibitively expensive. 

The process of making plastic products involves injection molding or extrusion. It’s therefore difficult to make a whole toilet structure using plastic. Besides that, most users will not trust plastic toilets. They may feel that it may buckle under their weight. 

When it comes to steel, it’s very rigid, durable and strong. So why can’t we just make toilets that will last a lifetime using steel? Well, the main reason why steel toilets are not popular is because of users’ perception. User experience is also another reason. Since steel is sensitive to the changes in temperatures, your ass will freeze when it’s cold. 

That’s not all, steel toilets does not also look right with most people. You can’t trade the rich look that your porcelain toilet gives your bathroom to steel. 


A good toilet needs to be clean, sanitary, rigid and waterproof. Although several materials can be used to make toilets, porcelain is the most preferred material. This is because porcelain meets all the requirements of a good toilet material. 

The manufacturing process of porcelain toilets is pretty straightforward. It involves the vitreous china clay being poured into a mold, finished and then glazed. It is then passed through a kiln where it is glazed. This process is also cheap as compared to the process of using steel to make toilets. 

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March 29

AquaSource Toilet Review

AquaSource Henshaw is a company that provides quality toilets that gives your bathroom a unique look. This article looks at the AquaSource Henshaw White model that comes with an elongated chair height and helps to save water.

AquaSource Henshaw White Toilet Technical Specifications 

  • Toilet types: 2-piece toilet 
  • Brand name: Henshaw 
  • Warranty: 5-year 
  • Rough-in: 12 inches  
  • Installation type: floor-mounted 
  • Maximum flush rate: 1.28 gallons per flush 

AquaSource Henshaw In-Depth Review 

AquaSource Henshaw is a 2-piece toilet that comes with a single flush to provide simple usage. The product’s bowl is elongated to give you the comfort you desire when in your bathroom. 

One superb feature of the mode is the chair height design that makes it the perfect unit for elders and other users. Its elongated design adds to the accessibility, making it ideal for people with physical challenges.  

It is more comfortable to sit and stand when using this toilet compared to other models. 

The product has a 3-inch flush valve that makes it ideal when it comes to flushing and cleaning. You can bet that it will never get blocked, whether you flush liquid or solid material. 

Another notable thing is the gravity-fed flush tech that guarantees you low-maintenance and quiet operation. That means you can install it at home or office, and its performance will go unnoticed. 

When it comes to saving water, the system only requires 1.28 gallons per flush. You can also have confidence; it will save you on water bills thanks to the EPA WaterSense certification. 

The toilet lets you save without compromising on the performance, which gives you peace of mind. 

Another thing that is worth noting is you get all the parts and hardware you need to install the toilet. These include mounting bolts, wax rings, and a seat. 

You can quickly get down to business when you receive the package and start using it within a short time. The other feature is the ADA compliance that ensures you install a safe unit in your bathroom.

When it comes to installation, you do not need to seek help from an expert thanks to its lightweight nature. You can install it and place it in a 12-inch rough-in system. 

Its trapway design also makes it useful when draining the waste and never getting blocked. That also gives you an easy time when cleaning your toilet using detergent and water. 

You get a neutral design toilet that fits into all bathrooms, no matter the décor inside. And it can be installed in rooms with a traditional or modern look without dominating the places. 

The product comes with a 5-year warranty that covers the toilet and parts. That allows you to install it with peace of mind and have confidence when using it.

Another great thing is the chrome lever that makes it easy to use. You can flush your toilet many times without the lever losing its color or getting damaged. 

The other great thing is the cotton white color that makes it easy to maintain the toilet. You only need to clean the surface after a few weeks, and the system will look smooth and new. 

AquaSource Henshaw Pros and Cons 


  • Has a five years warranty that covers the toilet 
  • The WaterSense feature that shows you save on water bill
  • Trapway design to prevent blockage
  • Uses 1.28 gallons for every flush, which is efficient 


  • It can be hard to get the spare parts 

The Bottom Line 

We hope that you can now pick this toilet with confidence as you now have all its features. It is a quality model that ensures you get services for years and make your washroom more attractive. 

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