Kruger Gallery Marfa

Kruger Gallery Marfa will be open as normal through the holiday period. Visit between 12–5pm, Thursday–Saturday to see the current exhibit, Patrick Earl Hammie: Birth Throes.

Happy holidays from everyone at Kruger Gallery!

Kruger Gallery will be closing our current Chicago location on Saturday, June 24th, turning our attention during this temporary hiatus to programming at Kruger Gallery Marfa.

Keep an eye on our website or sign up to our mailing list for news of future Chicago projects, as well as upcoming exhibitions in Marfa – beginning with Birth Throes, a major new body of work by Patrick Earl Hammie opening at Kruger Gallery Marfa on Friday, October 6.

Anne Yafi: Does It Feel Delicious is on view during regular hours this week, with the gallery open 12-6pm each day...

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Xiaoqing Zhu, stills from "5am".

April 2 - 15, 2017

Curated by Frances Lightbound

Featuring work by Melanie Teresa Bohrer and Pablo Vindel, Michael Rado and Joyce Rado, Fraser Taylor, Norman Teague Jan Tichy and Xiaoqing Zhu



An interstice is a space between things. Frequently it refers to a physical gap or fissure, but its meaning can also be temporal - describing a brief pause between events - or figurative, in the sense of breaks or anomalies in something that is otherwise fixed. The word’s Latin root interstitium comprises the prefix inter- (“between”), and –...

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Luis Sahagún: Brotherhood: Leyendas de un Bracero

Kruger Gallery in Chicago until March 31, 2017

A conversation with Lise McKean

LM: You’ve talked about your background and its influence on your work in interviews and artistic statements. Could you talk about what comes to mind about your own story as we’re sitting here in the gallery surrounded by your recent work?

LS: A lot of times when I write a statement about my work, I say I use art to connect with my family. But what does that really mean? For example, what does that say about...

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Ally Betker, V Magazine

If you’re on any form of social media, it’s likely that you’ve seen this image more than once: a stand-alone Prada store in the middle of a desert, no other building in sight. 

It’s in fact a piece of art, commissioned by the nonprofit gallery Ballroom Marfa in 2005, and has since become the beacon signaling the trendy rise of the tiny,...

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Kruger Gallery Chicago and Marfa will be closed Friday, January 20, in support of the #J20 strike - standing in solidarity with galleries, artists, and arts organizations protesting the incoming Trump administration.  Our participation in the strike provides a moment to consider the vital role that art and culture can and must play over the four years ahead, and to restate Kruger Gallery's foundational belief that art can be an agent for political and social change.
The opening reception for Luis Sahagun’s exhibition "Brotherhood: Leyendas de un Bracero" will go...
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In the Company of Flowers, a group exhibition curated by Jeffly Gabriela Molina, will be on view at Kruger Gallery Chicago, 3709 N Southport Ave, from December 1, 2016 – January 14, 2017. 


Bringing together nine early-career Chicago artists, In the Company of Flowers presents paintings and sculptural works that explore themes of memory, sensuality and everyday experience. The artists’ diverse practices are connected by attempts to evoke or embody ephemeral phenomena, as well as a focus upon nature, the body, and the affective power of everyday objects. ...

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Departed Justice

MARFA - “Narrativas del expatriado”, a solo exhibition of new work by Chicago based Mexican artist Rodrigo Lara Zendejas will be on view at Kruger Gallery Marfa, 212 E San Antonio Street, from October 7, 2016 - September 23, 2017.

Inspired by the Xin Dynasty terra cotta warriors and motivated by the threat of presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proposed wall, Lara constructed a life-size army of ceramic mariachi warriors bearing the likeness of immigrants who have crossed the border by foot.  Installed facing north within the gallery and on its outdoor patio, each...

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Pareidolia, a solo exhibition of new work by Marfa, Texas artist Leslie Wilkes, will be on view at Kruger Gallery Chicago, 3709 N Southport Ave, from September 8 - November 19, 2016.


Beginning with a geometric pattern, Wilkes divides an initial compositional sketch into sections resulting in a shape that becomes the basis for a painting and/or gouache.  On top of this shape Wilkes places another pattern, adds color, and isolates new shapes into symmetrical arrangements, each decision being influenced from the previous choice of form and color.  Paint is applied without the...

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CHICAGO - Kruger Gallery Chicago, 3709 N Southport Ave, is pleased to host Conversation and Cocktails with Jeffly Gabriela Molina and Anne Harris Saturday, July 16 at 2 pm.  Brunch inspired bites and mimosas will be served.


Jeffly Gabriela Molina’s solo exhibition Efforts of Affection is on view at Kruger Gallery Chicago until August 27, 2016.  The title of the exhibition references a memoir and poem by Marianne Moore, one of Molina’s favorite authors.  The twelve paintings in this exhibition explore the ways in which Molina regards the...

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